A Creative Way to Supercharged Adoption
We believe the time is ripe for reimagining and reinventing the innovation process and experience; and if this can be achieved, we're confident that this will manifest the next generation entrepreneurship ecosystem and unlock trillions of dollars in economic opportunity.
Let’s explore two areas, gaming and volunteering, that have the opportunity to be utilized to achieve this goal.
According to Game Designer, Jane McGonigal, video gamers collectively across the globe spent a whopping 3 Billion hours a week in 2011 playing video games; with a reported 8% year to year growth rate, that would make it over 5 Billion hours per week in 2021.
Regarding volunteering, according to NationalService.org, Millennials and Gen Z collectively spent 1.5 Billion hours volunteering to a variety of projects and organizations in 2019 in the United States.
(For some context, it took 7 million man hours to construct the Empire State Building.)
What if there was a clever way to harness some of that gaming and volunteering energy and attention towards solving meaningful problems with entrepreneurship?
What if there was a way to turn entrepreneurship into a new kind of sport and build an entirely new ecosystem around it?
The potential answer to these questions, I believe resides at the center of two fast growing sectors in the gaming industry: Play to Earn Crypto Games and Serious Games
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