Community Tokens for Social Production
Activating Fans and Supporters into Co-Creators
Understanding the history of this creator renaissance, we can see that this is a viable alternative pathway into entrepreneurship for people all around the world. The mass adoption of this incredible shift can offer a better way to economic prosperity.
But to reach this goal, this space needs to expand this incredible opportunity beyond content creation, curation, community building, and creator-to-creator collabs; it’s time to include a new way for creators to launch new businesses with their supporters: we call this “community venture building”.
Instead of only building one product at a time, venture building involves creating multiple projects in parallel using an internal team and innovation management frameworks and tools.
The entity structure for this type of activity is called the venture studio (or startup studio, company builder, startup factory). It represents a new type of asset class and a new way of thinking about innovation. Since their creation, there have been 3 types of venture studios:
  1. 1.
    Builder studios create multiple startup projects from internal ideas.
  2. 2.
    Investor studios bring in early-stage external startups and help them grow by providing knowledge and investment funds.
  3. 3.
    Hybrid studios have both building and investing functions.
We are proposing a 4th type:
The Community Venture Studio
It can be builder-focused, investing-focused, or a hybrid of both. And when you add DAOs (decentralized autonomous organizations aka the LLC of the new internet) and community tokens/collectibles powered by crypto, that’s when things get really interesting.
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